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Historic Photographs!


In the years that Bringe Music has been open for business, many people have come into (and out of) our lives.  For many years, historic documentation was not high on anyone’s priority list.  However, as we come across photos and other documents of interest, we will post them here so check back often!  The photos are larger files (so you can actually see them) but have patience as they load!  Enjoy! 

Angie Findeison in the mid ‘80’s 

One of our annual FREE restrings, featuring a visit with Q105’s Mason Dixon!

Rob Matson and Millie Allen, our bookkeeper in 1981

Angie & Bill Findeison’s basset hound, George!

Debbie Heffern started at Bringe in our sheet music department!

Bob Leichner worked at Bringe in the 80’s and 90’s..  He is now the owner of Dixie Music in Old Town, Florida.

Lynn Weigand, taken in the band department in the early ‘80’s (nice hair.)

Carmine Appice, drummer for Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, Jeff Beck, and others gave a clinic at our store.  From Left to right:: Sabian rep Joe Bordeaux, Larry Lynch, Lynn Weigand, Carmine Appice, Bob Leichner, Dotti Leichner, Debbie Heffern, Paul and Steve Kryczulski (may not be correct spelling),  Bill Findeison



Rob Matson hamming it up while on the phone.  The blue and orange color scheme is long gone—actually surprised we ever had it since Bill F is a rabid ’Noles fan!




Hyatt Findlay’s tenure at Bringe was quite short (3 months) but memorable!  He left to go on the road  as a guitar tech for Johnny Winter and the group Blackhawk among others …  We hear from him every few years and the last time we did, he was residing in Florida near Sarasota. Growing up with Paul Rubens, he always did a mean impression of Pee Wee Herman!

 Former bookkeeper, LuJean (left) with Debbie Heffern

 Rob Matson worked at Bringe until around 1984-85.  He went on to own his own sound reinforcement company, Total Production Services!

 Former Bringe Music owner Bill Findeison who is now retired but is director of the Second Time Arounders!

 Jeff Martin and Debbie Heffern at one of our annual FREE Restring events!  Jeff now teaches drums at our School of Music!

 Lynn Weigand and Lee Shirey, one of our sales reps, man the counter during a restring event — Lee now lives and works in Lakeland at a local music shop!



Band director Frank Williams (left) and school road sales guy Rick Giannico hamming it up for the camera!




“Bullet” Bob Leibner worked for Bringe for a number of years.  He relocated to NJ to go into business with his brother.  He now owns the Colts Neck Custom Shop  in Colts Neck, NJ



Charlie Bailey, on the restring crew  (right) attempts to tune up Greer Wise, during one of our restring events while ...




Lynn Weigand has no time for tuning customers.  She counts string packets to inform the boss as to how many guitars and basses we restrung that day! 

Banker Kirby Malone points out the contract details to Lynn Weigand

and Joan Clinger before they sign on the dotted line and take ownership of the company in January 2000.  Account Gary Sweat smiles at something off camera.  Our purchase took place on Bill Findeison’s boat, Key Of Sea!

With the papers signed, banker Valerie Nussbaum (left), Joan Clinger, Gary Sweat,  Bill Findeison and Lynn Weigand (not shown) toast the sale!  Attorney Karen Keaton (right) is talking with the boat’s captain of the day.

Hyatt Findlay chowing down during lunch while Lynn Weigand looks on.  All our guitar and bass strings are displayed on 80’s style pegboard.  Glad we’ve moved ahead to slat board!

Debbie Heffern gave us permission to post these pictures!  On the left, Debbie is sporting our brand new (at the time) polo shirt complete with Bringe Music stamp on the front.  On the right, Debbie is sitting at her desk — we now keep our percussion gear in that northeast room!

Putting together a delivery to one of our rental affiliates, the Ryder truck is pretty packed with over 800 new and pre-rented band instruments, destined for the little ones in beginning band.  Left photo from left to right:  Bill Findeison, Linda Durst, yours truly, Dusty Durst, and Paula C.  Right photo from left to right:  Andy Anderson, Linda Durst, Joan Clinger, yours truly, Paula C. and Debbie Heffern!