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Lynn DiVenuti  is a performing artist with over 25 years of experience in front of an audience.  She has been performing in the Tampa Bay, FL corridor since 1992. She has performed her blues/jazz styled music in various cities throughout North America, including Berkely, New Orleans, Washington DC, Bangor, Miami and Austin!

Willie Thompson, also known as TFoxx, is a native of St. Petersburg and our customer for as long as we can remember!  A songwriter, musician, and a great guy, his professional experience includes performances with Chubby Checker in Okinawa Japan. Festival in Perth Australia, and in 1993 pre-shows for George Benson and B.B. King at the Jannus Landing Jazz Festival of St. Petersburg, Florida.

Shana Smith, A.K.A. Shana Banana is an eclectic Florida singer/songwriter. Her dual careers embrace both national caliber children’s musical entertainment as well as the remarkable acoustic folk/blues/jazz music she has performed since her teens.  She is a trained educator with a Master’s degree in marine biology and many years of experience working with children!

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Rick Gee’s enthusiasm for promoting and preserving the rich jazz heritage of St. Petersburg seems to know no bounds.  His company, Rick Gee’s Jazz Jamm is responsible for the performance of some incredible jazz music around town, including the Palladium and the Mahaffey Theater.  We count him among the BEST supporters of live jazz music AND we count him a friend! 

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