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· Armstrong

· Yanagisawa

· Conn

· Emerson

· Benge

· Galway

· Avanti

· Glaesel

· Scherl & Roth


Plan Details:


· Choose ANY step-up or professional level instrument from ANY of these makers!


· Make a down payment of at least 10%!


· We deliver your new instrument to school or you can visit our store to get it!


· Nine (9) more monthly payments of 10% are charged to your credit card


· In 10 months, you OWN the horn …        at the CASH (Internet) price!! 


It’s just that simple! 

A Sample of Eligible Instruments!


Bach Strad Trumpet …….just $283.44 down!


Farkas Dble F Horn ……..just $425.75 down!


Yanagisawa Alto Sx ..….. just $293.07 down!


Bach 42BO Trombone…..just $319.82 down!


Yamaha Cust Z Tenor …. just $438.16 down!


Conn 88H Trombone …... just $249.20 down!


Yamaha Xeno Trumpet ....just $248.56 down!


Avanti Sterling Flute ….... just $256.69 down!

Our Double Nickel Pro Plan is a great way to purchase ANY Yamaha                 step-up instrument, using our interest-free 10 payment plan

at the cash price!      


And now, the Double Nickel Pro Plan is EVEN BETTER ….because we’ve expanded it to include other MAJOR name brand instruments like: 

To take advantage of this program, call, email, or visit!


We are happy to help but remember to act quickly …


This offer expires 3.31.13!


(subject to credit approval)


We’re making our Double Nickel Pro Plan better…for a limited time!  

And More!

· Selmer

· Bach

· LeBlanc

· King

It’s never been easier to purchase a new intermediate or pro horn! 


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