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About Bringe Music

Bringe Music was founded in 1956 by original owner, German violin maker Walter Bringe, who moved to St. Petersburg from Rochester, NY. In the early days the store focused primarily on selling and repairing orchestral strings. Mr. Bringe did some business with schools, mostly selling strings and equipment to the orchestra programs. He also offered some private lessons. He eventually expanded his business to include band instruments and accessories. Bringe Music was a popular store to visit for many a school musician during those years.

/_uploaded_files/earlylogo.pngBringe Music early logo, shown on store stationery.

After 22 years, Mr. Bringe wanted to slow down a bit and so Bringe Music was sold to a local band director named Bill Findeison. Under Bill’s direction, many changes came to pass at Bringe Music. The store was moved from its Central Avenue location to our current, much larger facility on First Avenue North.


Bringe Music “Horn” Logo, this was used from the late 70’s until the mid 80’s.

The company developed a complete school music department, with a repair staff as well as a full-time road delivery man. Guitars, amps, drums, and keyboards were introduced and the store became a true music “center.” The Bringe School of Music continued to grow, adding additional teachers and resulting in a larger student body. Band instrument rentals became a very important part of the business as “satellite store” locations across the state were added, gaining many more active accounts on the books. Pre-dating the onslaught of the internet, Bringe Music was one of the first music companies to develop their own product catalog.


Bringe Music "Horn 2" Logo, this was used from the mod 80's until the mid 90's when we adopted our current logo.

In the late ’90’s, personal tragedy caused Bill to decide to sell the business to his two long-time employees, Lynn Weigand and Joan Clinger. The sale was made official on January 1, 2000. The new owners have maintained many of the programs and policies that made Bringe Music successful and yet continue to work to improve it. An example is the website you are now visiting. The entire site is designed and maintained by the Bringe staff. We have a multi-staffed, award-winning repair service center which handles all types of instruments from across the state of Florida ... and beyond. The Bringe School of Music has expanded its offering to include class lessons in addition to the traditional one-on-one private studies and now boasts nearly 500 students and over 2 dozen professional educators on staff. We have increased the number of our educational representatives and make weekly service calls to hundreds of middle and high schools across the state of Florida. Of course, School Music and Music Education remain the primary focus of our company and will continue to be as long as we are around! We believe in it!