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Frequently Asked Questions from Renters!

Please allow us to thank you, once again, for choosing to rent your instrument from Bringe Music! If this is your first rental with our company, we hope this is the beginning of a mutually beneficial partnership. If you are a returning rental customer...welcome back!

This page has been created to answer the questions we most often receive from our rental customers. Whether you rented your instrument from our St. Pete store or through one of our fine satellite rental stores across the state, we want you to be comfortable with the features of our rental program.

Making Payments

  • If you are NOT on our Automatic Payment Program, all payments should be made to our store in St. Petersburg at 2129 First Avenue, N., St. Petersburg, FL 33713 or PO Box 13848, St. Petersburg, FL 33733 — either will work!

  • If you rented from one of our affiliate locations, please do not give your payment to them. Many times payments given to affiliate locations do not make it to our store in time to avoid a late charge. Payments must be received within 10 days of your due date to be considered on time. To prevent late charges being added to your account, make payments directly to us!

  • If you choose to, you may elect to have your monthly rental payment automatically charged to your credit or debit card. Our Automatic Payment Program ensures that your payment will never be late! If you would like to do this, please click here to download the appropriate form! If you prefer, give us a call at 727.822.3460 and we can quickly get you set up!

If You Lose Your Payment Book

  • If you misplace or lose your payment book, another will be provided to you

  • To receive a replacement payment book, call our rental department at 727.822.3460 with your account number handy OR contact us via email by clicking here. Be sure to provide your account number to us. If you do not know your account number, provide your full name, complete address and from what location you originally rented your instrument.

Exchanging Your Instrument For Another

  • From time to time, beginning students may decide, along with their music teacher, that an alternate instrument choice may be beneficial. If this is the case, you may bring your present rental instrument to Bringe Music, to your local affiliate store, or call us to choose another. This type of exchange is typically done within the first 3 months of your rental agreement and if so, your rental equity will be transferred from the original to the replacement instrument.

  • Rental accounts must be current in order to exchange instruments.

If Your Instrument Is In Need Of Repair

  • Repairs are part of the learning process for beginning musicians so be prepared by knowing the best way to get your instrument repaired and returned with the minimum disruption of class and practice time.

  • If you rented from Bringe Music in St. Pete, you may bring the instrument into our store. If your student attends a Middle or High School that Bringe Music services, you may call us and arrange for the instrument to be picked up by our educational representative and brought in to the store. For the quickest service, bring it in personally. Most of our rental customers purchase the monthly M&R protection plan and if so, your repair will be done at no charge. Be sure to inform the clerk who assists you that you are renting from us to avoid being charged erroneously.

  • If you rented your instrument from one of our affiliate locations, call them directly to find out the best way to get your instrument fixed quickly. If at any time you feel that you cannot get the assistance you need or are unsure of who to call, do not hesitate to contact our St. Pete rental department at 727.822.3460 for help!

Returning Your Rental Instrument

  • You may return your rental instrument at any time during the rental period with no further obligation, provided your rental account is current through the date of the return. Any outstanding rental payments are due upon return of the instrument.

  • Instruments must be returned to Bringe Music in St. Petersburg or to one of our rental affiliate stores. Instruments should not be returned to the school or band director unless arrangements have been made with our rental department in advance. If you are unsure as to where to return, contact our rental department at 727.822.3460. We can let you know the location closest to you.

  • IMPORTANT! Many renters assume that the rental instrument should be returned for the two months of summer vacation and then re-rented in the fall. By discontinuing the rental contract, you forfeit the rental equity that you’ve built up and have to start all over again. In addition, your budding music student would not be able to maintain their level of progress without an instrument to practice on through the summer. If your child is going to continue playing, keep renting to avoid losing your equity! If you have any questions concerning this aspect of your rental agreement, please contact our rental department at 727.822.3460 for information.

Purchasing Your Rental Instrument

  • There are several different ways to purchase your rental instrument.

  • Since our plan is a rent-to-own plan, each time you make a payment, the rental fee goes toward paying down the balance of your instrument. So, if you continue to make your monthly payments, eventually your rental payments will equal the purchase price and you will own it. We automatically send a receipt to let you know you are the new owner!

  • Should you decide to purchase before your rental payments equal the purchase price of the instrument, you may do so and receive an “early pay” discount. To find out your early pay discount amount, call our rental department at 727.822.3460 with your account number handy. We will provide the discounted pay-off amount to you. You may then send a check or pay off with your credit card! It’s that simple!

Moving up to our Performance Plan

  • If your student is ready to move up to a performance-level band instrument, we will apply ALL your paid rental (up to 18 months—contact us for your exact credit amount) against the new instrument value AND you may rent to own it!

  • Simply let us know, either via phone or email, that you are ready to do this and we will handle it in no time flat!

  • If you have a question about our Performance Plan, click here to see the details

If you have a question which has not been addressed here, please email us by clicking here!