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Guitar PLUS Bench Services!

Bringe Music offers in-house repair and restoration services for guitars, basses, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, and just about anything else with strings on it!

Restring work includes:

  • remove corrosion from frets and tuning keys
  • oil fretboard
  • wax the instrument body
  • truss rod (neck) adjustment

Other in-house repairs include:

  • tuner (machine head) repair and installation
  • neck/action adjustments (including truss rod, nut AND saddle work)
  • strap button installation
  • a variety of other work that may be required for folk-style instruments


Vintage and unique instruments welcome! Quality refurbishing is available! We love breathing new life into the souls of these older instruments so bring us your old and odd instruments, as well as the amazing stories that come with them!