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Study With A Buddy!

A cost-saving lessons program from the Bringe School of Music!

/_uploaded_files/stick-figures.jpgOur Study Buddy Lessons Program is specially designed to make music lessons affordable for everyone's budget!

Our private one-on-one music lessons, although reasonably priced at just $19 for a 30 minute session, can still be out of
financial reach for many. With our Study Buddy Lessons Program, two students can receive the same quality lesson for around half the price! And learning an instrument with a buddy can be alot of fun too!

The Study Buddy Lessons Program features:

  • weekly 30 minute, semi-private music instruction for TWO students with a professional music educator to ensure quality and results!

  • JUST $10 per lesson for each student!

  • one time $5 registration fee for each student!

The Study Buddy Lessons Program is perfect for:

  • beginning band students
  • families with multiple children who want to play music
  • church musicians
  • friends and neighbors
  • retirees
  • husbands and wives
  • much more!

/_uploaded_files/christopher-pooh.gifHow does it work? Find a friend, neighbor, or family member who wants to learn the same instrument as you! Call the Bringe School of Music at 727.822.7664 or click here and let us know you're interested in taking advantage of our Study Buddy Lessons Program! We'll let you know what days and times are available for your instrument choice and get you enrolled!

Practice, play, and have fun ... together!